Thcosmetc dentist Cosmetic Dentistry – Taking Dentistry To A New Levelere is a new form of dentistry that is up and coming in the Sherman Oaks, Ca. area. It is referred to as Cosmetic Dentistry. This type of oral treatment expands upon the normal work and exams that are associated with dental work, and creates aesthetically pleasing smiles. There are many reasons that an individual may see a cosmetic dentist, but no matter the reason they are sure to have a great experience.

Why See A Cosmetic Dentist

There are many reasons for the emergence of the cosmetic dentistry field. Some individuals do not like their smiles and want to perfect them. Some people are born with genetic conditions that cause their teeth to be discolored or have caused them to come in at abnormal angles. There are those individuals who may have experienced an accident of some sort and require dental work to fix a missing or chipped tooth. Whatever the reason or the problem, there is surely a cure.


Unlike general dentistry that tends to just offer treatments surrounding decayed teeth and oral hygiene maintenance, cosmetic dentistry offers an array of services. From teeth whitening to full mouth restoration, any work that can be done to enhance a smile is not too farfetched. These treatments vary in price as well as durability which is why it’s always important to discuss treatment with a cosmetic dentist in order to come up with a treatment plan.


One of the most common procedures in the field of cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening. There are a variety of ways in which an individual’s teeth can be bleached or whitened. Some use strips, some use an injection of bleach in a tray and soak the teeth, and others may have their teeth bonded with a composition that changes the color. No matter the method, teeth whitening is sure to brighten any smile.


When it comes to a smile, many people do seek perfection. In addition to wanting pristine white teeth, some also desire straight gap free teeth that are for all intensive purposes perfect. This is where treatments such as veneers and full mouth reconstruction comes in. Veneers are a newer version of a crown which can cap or cover teeth that are broken or chipped, or maybe just discolored. Sometimes more extensive work needs to be done, like full mouth reconstruction. This normally means that teeth will have to be extracted and braces will be needed in order to create the perfect smile.


In addition to an aesthetically pleasing smile there are many other benefits associated with cosmetic dental work. If an individual feels that their smile is not nice looking, once they have cosmetic dental work done, then they will have a confidence boost. This is good for self esteem. Also, those who have experienced chipped or missing teeth may appear to look older as the skin falls around the missing tooth. Once the tooth has been replaced or restored it can give the face a more younger looking appearance.

When it comes to the field of dentistry in Sherman Oaks, Ca.  there are many new options. Cosmetic dental services are on the rise and there are a whole host of services available. From teeth whitening to full mouth reconstruction there are services and treatments available for anyone and any kind of smile. To perfect your smile look up a cosmetic dentist in the Sherman Oaks, Ca. area.